Oh Hi Collective

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OH Hi LLC is the culmination of a collaboration between two sex therapists/educators and a pelvic floor physical therapist/educator. Together we provide accurate sex and sexual health education to our clients both in the personal and professional community. It is our intention to take the shame out of sex and sexuality.


We have worked to be a one stop shop for education and applied approaches to embracing your sassy sexual self. Each member of our collective is comprehensively trained to address the complex issues around sex and sexuality. We are focused on reducing shame with inclusivity being of paramount importance as is our desire to celebrate diversity.


Our mission is to deconstruct the barriers that keep you from engaging in the life you desire.


Our approach is integrative and eclectic, sex positive, compassionate and playful.


As a collective we teach at universities, run private practices in our fields, engage in our community, offer in-service trainings for medical and mental health providers, engage in public speaking events on topics ranging from understanding bias to recovering healthy sexuality post sexual trauma as wells as on topics like pelvic floor function, pre and post partum sexual function, pain with intercourse and incontinence to name a few. In addition we support aspiring mental health professionals through internships and act as a resource to the mental health and PT community through our consultation services.


115 West Kagy Blvd Suite D, Bozeman, MT 59715




Contact hello@ohhicollective.com for questions or inquiries!